How The Dimensionless Map for Self-Realization was Created

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How The Dimensionless Map for Self-Realization was Created

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A simple method to abide in the ‘I am’

I humbly offer salutations to my Guru Sri Nisargadatta maharaj who made me correctly understand the meaning of God:

 “Just hold on to the knowledge ‘I am’, your sense of ‘being’ or ‘presence’. This feeling that ‘you are’ is the God in you, let it be you guide or Guru, there is nothing else to be done.”

This statement loudly rung a bell in my mind as I recollected the words Sri Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj:

“The quality of ‘being’ or ‘presence’ is common to all objects living or non-living, with form or without form. Thoughts are formless but their ‘presence’ is very much there. This ‘being’ is ‘Nama’, the name of God which I which I strongly recommend you all to recite.”

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