Total and complete enlightenment: why you’re still not there yet

Tom Das

wp-1459867489290.jpg Am I there yet?

It’s so easy to convince the ego there’s something more it has to do in order to be ‘awakened’ or ‘realised’. There is always a greater state of mind to be attained, a greater realisation to be had, a greater level of emotional balance to be developed, more psychic/yogic/magical powers that you still don’t have. There is always the spiritual carrot dangling in front of you reminding you that ‘you don’t got it yet’. And the ego is always looking to get that carrot. The ego doesn’t want to just let that carrot dangle there.

But this is the essential problem, for there is no ego. By ego I mean doer, or the idea that you are some kind of autonomous or semi-autonomous entity that can chose what to think and do. I’ll say it again: there is no ego, there is no doer.

All practices…

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