Arunachala’s Secret Places – Holy Feet

Living in the Embrace of Arunachala

So many wonders are to be found around and on Arunachala. Many are seen by only a few people. This is why I call them, ‘Arunachala’s Secret Places.’ We found another one that I will call ‘The Holy Feet of God.’

Holy Feet – Tiruvadi

The feet of God, often represented by sacred sandals, are called tiruvadi in Tamil.

The feet of a divine one are considered especially precious as they represent the point of contact of the Divine and the physical, and are thus revered as the source of grace.

A few months ago, walking in the forest on the southwest side of Arunachala, near the Reforestation Tree Nursery, we came upon something that intrigued us. Carved into a low rock, in the middle of the forest, not near anything, were a pair of feet, set into what looked like a carved altar. We wondered what they meant, and…

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