Beyond the I Am

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

When a student asked Maharaj, “Who are you?”, Maharaj replied, “Nothing perceivable or conceivable.”
In other words if you can perceive it or conceive it, it was not you, therefore discard it.
For those who were there to understand and gather more “spiritual” information, (spiritual concepts) he said, “If you can forget it or remember it, it is not you therefore discard it.”
Simply stated, discard all perceivable and conceivable as Not this, Not this.
And “Stay in the consciousness as a portal to the Absolute”.
At first blush this seemed simple. Metaphorically like peeling an onion until nothing is left as the mind begins to unpack itself. Or, like pulling a string and thread in a ball of yarn.
By finding the organizing string and pulling it, the ball of yarn would unravel. In the same way Maharaj would direct “your” attention to “your” concepts or state “you” were in and thereby bring about the unravelling of the mind and its most cherished concepts, (and believe me Maharaj knew how to pull your string!!!)


Nothing Is Everything
Stephen H. Wolinsky

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