John Wassenberg shared his post to the group: The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

Reality in Forty Verses, 21

From : You must have you´re own experience, August 3rd, 1990.

Robert Adams:

It’s not what you say.
It’s not what you proclaim.
It’s what’s deep, deep, deep in your heart
that determines what happens to you.

It’s not reading books,
it’s not studying,
it’s not going to classes.

It’s sitting by yourself,
becoming quiet,
going deeper and deeper within yourself.

Transcending your mind
and your body
until something happens.

When thoughts come to you,
you simply ask yourself,

“To whom do these thoughts come?
From whence cometh these thoughts,”

follow the thoughts to their source.
Find out the source of your thoughts.

You will find that the source of your thoughts is I.

Follow the I thread to its source
by asking,

“Who am I?”
“What is the source of I?
Where did this I come from?”

You will realize that the pronoun I,
is the first word that was ever spoken
and everything else is attached to I.

Every other word.
Every other thought,
every other feeling,
every other emotion,
they’re all attached to the I.

I feel happy.
I feel sad.
I feel sick.
I feel well.
I feel poor,
I feel rich.

Everything is attached to I.

If the I becomes dissolved,
so does everything else
and you become free.

Find out for whom there is an I
and you will discover something amazing.

You will discover that I never existed.
There never was an I.
You will discover that you never existed.
There’s no such thing as you.

You will discover that you are
the imperishable Self.

That you are never born and you can never die.

You will discover that you’re omnipresence,
omniscient, omnipotent.

That there are no others.
There is no world.
There is no universe.
There is no God.
There is only the Self.

All this is the Self.
All that you behold is the Self
and “I-am” is that.

This will give you a feeling of freedom,
of bliss, of happiness.

You will not lose your awareness.


From : Robert Adams – Collected Works

John Wassenberg


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