John Wassenberg

You are Spirit in Truth

From : You must have you´re own experience, August 3rd, 1990.

Robert Adams:

You’ve attached yourself to person place or thing.

You have forgotten that this is a dream.
You believe it’s real
and because you believe it’s real
you suffer accordingly.

When you leave your body
you will have to come back again
and again and again,
all part of the dream,
until you become detached.

How do you do that?
By simply observing
what’s going on around you
and not attaching yourself to it.
By being awake to your reality.

Understanding yourself that you are not the doer.

Everything that you do
has been preordained.

It will be done.

You have to let go mentally of all conditioning,
of all objectivity.

And you must still your mind.

Make your mind placid,
like a motionless lake.

Then reality comes of its own accord.
Happiness comes of its own accord.
Peace comes of it own accord.
Love comes of its own accord.
Freedom comes of its own accord.

These things are synonymous.
They happen without you ever thinking about them.

But first you must get rid of the notion,
that I am the body,
or mind,
or the doer

and then everything
will happen by itself.

Be still and know that I am God.


From : Robert Adams – Collected Works

John Wassenberg


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